Organic Granola

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Organic Granola by Mini Magoo. An all natural, organic, nut-free granola mix which is a delicious, healthy, organic breakfast cereal - packed with seeds and natural goodness!

Our granola ingredients are a delicious mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, coconut flakes all bought together with a bit of agave nectar. Mmmm!

Delicious with fruit, yoghurt or milk for an all natural and organic breakfast

Available in four delicious flavours:

Roasted - Crispy and delicious!

Reduced - The same crispy organic granola but with 38% less agave nectar

Ginger - The same crispy organic granola but with a touch of ginger to add a bit of spice to your breakfast!

Christmas Edition - Want to start your day with a bowl of Christmassy goodness?! For a limited time over the festive period we combine our delicious Granola with Chocolate, Orange peel, Dates, Cranberries & our special Christmas spice mix. Enjoy!

Choose from 300g (£2.00/100g), 500g (£1.80/100g) or 800g (£1.50/100g) bags

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