Seeds & Nectar


Increases the ability to absorb both calcium and magnesium, which supports the development of healthy bones and teeth

Hemp Seeds

Helps to sustain your body’s energy through the slow digestion of protein and fibre, and also aids in muscle control and brain function


A great source of omega-3, which is essential to maintain a healthy brain, heart and immune system

Pumpkin Seeds

Known to improve serotonin levels to help your body get a good night’s sleep

Raw Blue Agave Nectar

We love our agave nectar which has a mild, neutral taste. It's produced at less than 118 °F (48 °C) to protect the natural enzymes

Sunflower Seeds

Eases inflammatory conditions and contain Vitamin E that helps keep skin looking youthful and your bones healthy


Made from sesame seeds, one of the few vegetarian sources of zinc, which is good for keeping a healthy immune system